The Mobile Aquaculture Unit is a personal food production device that can be crafted with local secondhand and off-the-shelf components. Most cities are located next to bodies of water, a largely underutilized resource for local food production. Native species are also often disregarded in a similar sense. Over the next few months, the farm will be in Rhode Island waters growing native species of seaweed and invertebrates.

I will be using a low-labor spore collection process developed by seaweed farmers in the 1600s that is suitable for personal use. Use of this process combined with a small farm size is suitable for an eater who remains open to a changing diet based on their environment, as cultures’ diets have developed in the past.

Materials – fenders, aluminum, rope

OCTOBER 27 2020 ~ Planting the 3 ropes in shallow waters to collect spores


NOVEMBER 17 2020 ~ Reattaching ropes and deploying the device in Dutch Harbor